Changes And Updates At Lulu

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Buy Buttons

We're working to create an awesome way to embed your book on your website, social media profile, and basically anywhere on the web: Buy Buttons! Once released, you'll be able to copy the Buy Button code and paste it into the code for your website (much like embedding a social post or YouTube video). The Buy Button will display your book thumbnail, title, and a link to purchase the book from the Lulu Bookstore.

Improved Categorization

Make your book easier for readers to find with improved categorization. During the publishing process, you'll have the opportunity to assign a category for buyers on the Lulu bookstore as well as up to 3 BISAC categories for retail shoppers. We also can apply numerous keywords to your book, further helping searchers find you!


Author Spotlight Pages

We're already working to make your new Author Spotlight pages even better! Today, you can update your Spotlight URL, edit unpublished drafts of your Spotlight, and add a meta description to help online searchers find your page!

ISBN File Types

When you elect to use a free Lulu ISBN for your Global Distribution project, we provide a barcode file for your book's back cover. But the barcode we offered was only available as an SVG file. While SVGs are versatile files perfect for designers, some authors and cover tools don't work well with SVG files. So we've added the option to download your barcode as a JPG or PNG file as well!

Canva Cover Creation

The Canva Cover Designer - Beta is live and ready for you! Create a unique cover with Canva while publishing your book. We provide a blank canvas sized for your overall cover dimensions and a template to help guide your design. The Canva designer opens right in Lulu's publishing process, allowing you to create your cover and quickly get back to publishing your book. Enjoy the range of free and paid images, shapes, fonts, and templates Canva offers.