DOC to PDF Conversion

DOC to PDF conversion has long been a standard feature of Lulu. But recently, we noticed more and more instances of file conversions resulting in printing and formatting errors. Our converter simply wasn’t keeping up with advances in file layout and design. Because our mission is to deliver the best possible product to our users we knew we needed to find a way to avoid these consistent errors.

With the majority of word processing and page layout tools offering easy PDF export, we made the decision to remove PDF conversion from our site.

Of course, we’re not leaving our Microsoft Word fans out in the cold. We have a wealth of information to help you create a PDF from Word (and other word processors):

REQUIRED ACTIONS: New print books will require a PDF for the interior file. All books currently published on Lulu are unaffected by this change.

Changes And Updates At Lulu

We compiled this page with information for you about features changed and some older features we no longer support. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, be sure to reach out to our support team for individual help!

Lulu Studio Retired
Lulu Studio is the software we’ve used for many years to help you lay out and create photo books and calendars. While this tool has served many users well over the years, Lulu Studio utilizes Adobe’s Flash Player to run in your web browser. As Adobe previously announced an end to support for Flash Player, we are taking action now to ensure you will still be able to create photo books and calendars with Lulu after Flash is gone.

What this means is that we will no longer have a separate ‘Studio’ to create photo books or calendars. We’ve improved our creation process; now you’ll begin by selecting the kind of project you’re making and the process will adapt to present the steps you need.

For photo books, we’re expanding your options by making photo quality ink and paper available for a range of project specifications. You’ll have more options for making unique photo books with Lulu than ever before!

And for calendars, we’re developing a completely new tool to add images and events/holidays to a variety of calendar templates. Look for this tool to be available in the coming weeks.

When we retire the Lulu Studio, we will also be retiring three of our sizes:

  • 13.5 x 19 in. Calendar, Color Premium
  • 12.75 x 10.75 in. Casewrap, Color Premium
  • 12 x 12 in. Casewrap, Color Premium

If you use one of the three sizes listed above, your photo book or calendar will no longer be available.

Project/Account Access
Fear not! We’ve migrated all the information you provided and all pertinent files to your Lulu Account. This includes all your projects, order history, saved personal information, and payment contact information.

We do strongly recommend reviewing your account and your projects. No file migration is perfect and there may be information we need to manually correct for you. If you notice anything out of sorts, just contact our support team for assistance.

REQUIRED ACTIONS:  Review your account to ensure your information has migrated over correctly.

Within your Lulu account, the My Files page acted like a Dropbox or Google Drive online storage folder. With the release of our site updates, we will no longer offer this service to our users.

Lulu will continue to store the print-ready PDFs for your interior and cover and/or your EPUB ebook file. When a project is updated, the previous files will be replaced by the most recently uploaded files.

Project Views
Your Account and Project pages look a little different. We’ve updated your dashboard to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate.

On your My Projects page, we’ll list all your projects along with search so you can sort and organize quickly. You’ll see each project you’ve created along with some basic information about the project status.

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce a more in-depth view for each individual project.

Free ISBN & ISBN Purchasing
Lulu has always made ISBNs freely available to our users. This includes giving away ISBNs for projects that don’t need an ISBN. Which leads to a lot of ISBNs going to waste.

We’re making this process more efficient by only offering free ISBNs to the projects that require one (so anything in Global Distribution). Any other project will not require an ISBN and therefore will not be eligible for a free ISBN from Lulu.

Author Spotlight
Your Author Spotlight will no longer feature numerous unique and editable features like a sidebar and video embedding. You’ll still have an Author Spotlight but the page will be more limited, featuring you and your books.

Over time we may introduce additional features for Author Spotlights.

Enhanced Store Search
The Lulu Bookstore search is drastically improved to help you find what you need quickly. Along with improved search, our Bookstore also includes better categories to help you sort and find books in your favorite genre or covering your favorite subjects.

REQUIRED ACTIONS:  Make sure that your projects are easily accessible to shoppers by checking they’re in the most applicable category.

Large File Upload
Got a large file for your book interior? No worries! Lulu is retiring our FTP upload procedures for large files. Now the only limitation to your file size is your Internet connection!

Our system will work on uploading your file as fast as possible, based on the connection speed you’re using when you begin the upload. No need to use an FTP service.

Products Deprecated
With our updates, Lulu took the opportunity to evaluate the Products we offer and make some changes. This includes retiring a few of our least used project sizes. Here’s a complete list of products no longer available from Lulu:

  • Large Landscape Photo Book (12.75 x 10.75 in)
  • Large Square Photo Book (12 x 12 in)
  • Premium Calendar (13.5 x 19 in)

Along with these product specifications leaving Lulu, a couple of additional options are changing:

  • Landscape (9 x 7 in) will no longer be available with Saddle Stitch binding
  • Comic Book and Magazine (6.63 x 10.25 in) will only use Coated, Premium paper

Any projects using the above specifications will no longer be available for printing on

Payment Changes
Lulu accepts the following currencies for payment on our store and for author revenue payments:

  • US Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Australian Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros

Swiss Franc Support
We no longer support payments in our store or author payments in Swiss Francs.

For any users who have opted to receive payment in Swiss Francs, this change will impact our ability to pay out your revenue. You must access your Lulu Account and update your payee information to one of our remaining payment currencies. 

REQUIRED ACTIONS:  Sign in to your Lulu Account and update your Payment Contact information.

Retiring Dutch Store
Along with removing Swiss Francs from our list of accepted currencies, we are retiring our Dutch language store. We will continue to offer our website and bookstore in:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German

Lulu Wallet
We’ve removed the ‘Lulu Wallet’ feature that allowed users to save payment information in your account. Now you will be prompted to save payment information when checking out through our new cart for credit card purchases. Using our cart to store your payment information ensures your security and makes the entire checkout process faster and easier!

Pay by Invoice
For our schools and libraries, we’ve introduced an easier process to pay by invoice (previously referred to as a Purchase Order). The entire process is very simple. You can learn more about setting up Invoice Payments on our Knowledge Base.

EPUB 2 Support
That’s right, we’re going to support EPUB 2! For most of our users, this won’t mean a lot. But for our team it means we’ve brought our EPUB conversion tools up to the standard used around the world.

What you can expect is the same basic process for creating and converting a file to EPUB.

Cover Creator - Dust Jackets
With all the changes we’ve made, there is one part of the process that (right now) isn’t better: the cover creation options. While we’re working on a new and improved way to help you create a cover, the current tool does not have any options for creating a Dust Jacket.

For now, you’ll need to upload a separate PDF for the Dust Jacket. We will create a template for you based on the size of your book with the spine and all the trim/bleed lines. In the coming weeks, we’ll bring you a much improved cover creator that will support uniquely designed dust jackets.

Retail Price Discounts Removed
Previously, authors could set a percent-off discount for their books sold on the Lulu bookstore. With the updates to our bookstore and payment options, we've removed this feature.

REQUIRED ACTIONS:  We recommend reviewing the retail price for all projects on the Lulu Bookstore and making any adjustments to the list price as needed.

Google Book Search
Google’s Book Search feature gives searchers a way to see a small portion of your book’s contents online. We offered this service as part of our ebook distribution services.

Going forward, distribution for a print book will no longer include Google Book Search.

Lulu Logo

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Thank You Notes
For many years, Lulu offered authors a service called Thank You Notes. You could craft a short message and when someone bought your book from the Lulu Bookstore, the Thank You Note program would send that message to the reader.

We’ve retired the Thank You Note program. You’ll no longer see an option to enroll and authors will only receive the order confirmation and tracking emails we normally send when purchasing a book.


We have to take a few extra steps to get calendar creation up and running the way we want it to work. At the moment, you won’t be able to create a new calendar and all existing calendars are unavailable on our bookstore.

Don’t worry though! This is a very temporary measure while we get our new and improved calendar creation process fine-tuned. Look for these new options very soon! 


We made a ton of updates to the Lulu Bookstore. We didn’t forget about reviews either, they just didn’t migrate over from our old site very well. All your reviews, both start reviews and written reviews, are still present in our database.

It’s just taking us a little longer than we’d hoped to make them available on your bookstore listings. Rest assured those reviews will be available very soon. 

Cover Creation

Currently, we offer a limited cover creator. You can still upload your own cover and we even provide a custom template for you!

But after feedback from our beta testers, we’re working on a major upgrade to the cover creator. This upgrade will give you the ability to create an amazing, customizable cover right on the Lulu site.

We expect this feature to be available very soon. 

Payment History

While migrating information and projects to our new platform, we ran into a little snag with Payment History. This is the historical data about payments we’ve made. You’ll notice in your Lulu Account a warning when viewing Payment Overview about this as well.

We’ll have this information available very soon. 

Buy Buttons

Lulu’s Buy Buttons give authors an easy way to embed a link to buy their book. Those buttons will still work and will continue to take readers to your book on the Lulu Bookstore. And we’re updating to a new and improved graphic for the buttons!

But these buttons will not be available for new projects. Along with many updates we’ll roll out in the coming months, we’re overhauling the Buy Buttons to be more useful and easier for your readers to interact with. Look for these updated Buy Buttons soon! 

Revisions And Proof Copies

Previously, when you created a revision of your project, you would be required to order and approve a new proof copy. With our new system, projects can always be revised at any time and updates are saved as you make them. While this makes updating your project much faster and easier, it has the potential to create some confusion about which revisions require ordering and approving a new proof.

At this time, if you change any of the following, a new proof is NOT required:

  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Price (eBook price changes go directly to retailers and bypass manual review)
  • BISAC categories
  • Explicit content flag

Changing over elements of your project, such as uploading a new file, adding a contributor, or changing your category, require a new proof copy. 

Sales And Revenue

Some sales and revenue data was not fully imported during our update. Because of this, you may not see accurate data in your account about revenue earned from sales and pending payments.

Lulu does have all of this information stored and we’re working bringing it to your account. We expect this information to be available very soon.

Publication Dates
You may have noticed that books in the Lulu Bookstore show a publication date. This is the date of the original publication. Previously, our bookstore listings displayed the date of the most recent revision rather than the original publication date.

For authors, you will still see a version number when viewing your project on the My Projects page.